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Escape 2018-2019!
If you are a student in grades 6-12 we want to welcome you into our family!  If you are a parent or know a student in grade 6-12 please encourage them to join us starting on Sundays from 5-7:00
We also have a group for 4th & 5th graders led by Bill Parr!

Our mission at Escape is very simple…
1. Connect as many students as God sends our way to Christ
2. Connect students to each other
3. Connect students to community, both local and global through service, mission and love
Why Escape? What does it mean?
Escape (v.) to get free of : break away from or to avoid a threatening evil
Escape (n.) distraction or relief from routine or reality
One word speaks volumes for today’s generation. Escape is a seldom used word but I believe this increases its power and ability to be recognized. All people regardless of age are seeking an escape. Adults may be seeking refuge from their job, relationships, addictions, finances, even their own children in some cases. Teens need an escape, a place they can seek refuge, feel loved and accepted, a place to find hope, a place to help them find meaning to life. They need to escape school, relationships, peer pressure, all forms of secular media, some of their home lives, escape their reality. Unfortunately, this place is not school and for many, it cannot even be found at home. This place…is not truly a place. These things can only be found in Christ Jesus. That is what needs to be offered to them at Escape.
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