Creation Station

A ministry of Woodland Heights Christian Church
Director: Janis Evans
Telephone: (765) 362-5230


“Train up a child in the way of the Lord.” Proverbs 22:6
At Creation Station Preschool and Parents Day Out, children are regarded as God’s special creation. They will be loved as unique individuals. They will be guided into social relationships with their peers that emphasize Christian values and will be taught basic age appropriate academic skills.
Creation Station Preschool
Classes provide your child with a very structured, busy schedule. We will introduce the alphabet, numbers, colors, working on recognition, letter sounds, and writing the numbers and letters.
Children will be taught to write their name with the beginning capital letter followed by lower case.
In the older classes, we will begin reading 2nd semester.
We will do activities to promote creative thinking, speaking in public, memorizing small phrases and songs, taking turns, sharing, sitting quietly with quiet hands & feet, and being a respectful, caring, trustworthy friend.
Parents Day Out
program is a loosely structured class with age appropriate crafts, music & movement, snacks, story time, group playtime, and individual playtime.
Interested in a tour or walkthrough? 
Visits and tours are available on any Thursday. 
To arrange a tour of the school, or simply to request more information,
please give us a call at 765-362-5230.

A typical daily routine

Morning Jobs
Line Leader, Calendar, Weather, Show/Share, Counting, Letter, Color, Shape, Pledge, Flag Holder, Bell Ringer, Napkins, Memory Verse, Snack, Activity, Sight Word
The centers change daily and can include: letter practice, number practice, color recognition, name practice, fine motor skills, cutting skills, crafts, math games, and phonics games.
We take turns bringing in snacks to share.
We read books to the children daily.
Group Play
Inside in our gym or outside at our playground

Special activities

Celebrations: Grandparents day program, Christmas program, Closing program, Hallelujah dress up party, Thanksgiving feast, Christmas party, Valentines party, Easter party, everyone’s birthdays.
Special Visitors: Dentist, police, bus driver, exercise instructor, etc.
Science Center: Ant farm, hatching chicken eggs, frog habitat, planting a garden. caterpillars/butterflies, cooking, and other preschool level experiments.
Library: Visit the church library bi-monthly; have story time and check out books.
Just Read: A Creation Station program to promote reading with all our children, a spring reading program with a goal of some number of books to read/have read to you. When the goal is met, we will have a party to celebrate. We also have several “step 1 and 2” books to loan out to our early readers.

Teachers and Assistants

Makenna Bane
Taylin Edwards
Janis Evans
Haley Hart
Alisa Haworth
Emily Hess
Amy King
Chelsea Roberts

2020-2021 School Year Open Enrollment

**begins February 21, 2020**
When we receive your registration, you will receive an invoice for the registration fee (which is your first tuition payment).
Once your registration fee has been processed, your child’s spot in the classes will be reserved.
**No spots will be held until payment is received.**
We do offer family discounts! Please call for more information.
In most cases the registration fee is non-refundable.
The remaining 8 tuition payments will be due the 1st of each month, September through April.

2020-2021 Preschool Classes

Tuesdays & Thursdays

Morning Group: 8:30a – 11:30a // Afternoon Group: 12:00p – 3:00p

This class is designed for children who have 2 years before kindergarten. This class will focus on social behaviors and behaviors expected in the classroom. Your child will be introduced to the alphabet, numbers, shapes, and colors. Children will begin to recognize and write their name, and will be developing both fine and gross motor skills.


Morning Group: 8:30a – 11:30a // All-Day Group: 8:30a – 3:00p

These classes are designed for children who have only 1 year before kindergarten. These are “kindergarten prep” classes that will teach letter recognition and writing the alphabet. We will review numbers and counting, develop early math skills, and review colors and shapes. The 2nd semester introduces sight words and reading with the children. If you would like your 3 year old to be considered for one of these classes, you will need to call the director and set up an appointment. Combination of classes and family discounts are available …please call for more information.
For ages 3, 4 and 5. All children attending Creation Station Preschool must be potty trained – no exceptions and no pull-ups.

Preschool Tuition – Ages 3, 4, 5


Tue & Thu                    $693                      $77                                 $77                        Sept 1, 2020                      Apr 1, 2021

Mon/Wed/Fri (AM)      $909                     $101                               $101                       Sept 1, 2020                      Apr 1, 2021

Mon/Wed/Fri (All-Day)  $1692                 $188                               $188                       Sept 1, 2020                      Apr 1, 2021


2020-2021 Parents Day Out (PDO)

Classes offered Monday through Friday, 8:30am – 11:30am
In order to attend, children must be at least 1 year old and walking.

Parents Day Out Tuition – Ages 1, 2


1 Day / Week            $396                       $44                                $44                       Sept 1, 2020               Apr 1, 2020

2 Days / Week          $738                       $82                                $82                       Sept 1, 2020               Apr 1, 2020

3 Days / Week         $1017                     $113                              $113                      Sept 1, 2020               Apr 1, 2020


PDO Drop In Fees*

Registered Students = $12.00/session
Non-registered Students = $18.00/session
* You must call to check availability.
Late Fee = $10.00 (will be charged if tuition payment is not received by the 10th of each month)
Returned Check Fee = $15.00

Which Preschool class schedule are you signing your child up for?
Tue&Thur am 8:30-11:30 (FULL)Mon-Wed-Fri am 8:30-11:30Mon-Wed-Fri all day 8:30-3:00 (you provide your child’s lunch)I would like a combination of classes (by checking this box, the director will call you to discuss options.)

Parents Day Out
IMPORTANT! To enroll for PDO, your child must be walking, and at least 1 year old.
1 day per week2 day per week3 day per week
Mon (FULL) TueWedThurFri

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