Roxanne Jones

28I have been the church secretary at Woodland Heights since January, 2005 and love my job. The staff I work with at WHCC is great! I can truly say I look forward to coming into work every day.
I was born in Dana, Indiana and grew up in Rockville. I am married to Robert Jones and I have 2 grown children, Dale and Cory.
As an adult, I have lived in several states, including Hawaii for 4 years. I also lived outside of Birmingham, England for 3 years and worked as a teacher’s aide at the elementary school on Croughton Air Force Base. While there, I began collecting antiques and collectibles and kept it up when I returned to the states. I love to hit yard sales and flea markets in hunt of old treasures and eventually turned my collecting into a business. In addition to working as the church secretary, I also sell antiques and collectibles “on the side”.