Steve Wilke is our Associate Minister. He is married to Sherry and together the Wilke’s have four grown children, Matthew, Rachel, Brett and Kelly Clark. Steve and Sherry have two daughters-in-law, Lindsay, married to Brett and Diana, married to Matthew. The Wilke’s have six grandchildren: Rachel has two children, a daughter Ciara (7) and a son Isaiah (2); Brett and Lindsay have two children Brayden (5) and Camden (3); Matt and Diana have two children, Breanna (12) and Daniela, a freshman at Florida Gulf Coast University.
Steve is a native Hoosier, growing up in Michigan City, IN. Steve credits his home church and particularly his high school youth group for loving him out of a worldly lifestyle to become a child of God. Steve gave his life to full-time Christian service in 1970. He graduated from Lincoln Christian University in 1975 and has served churches in Illinois and Indiana since 1972.
Besides spending time with Sherry and the grand kids, Steve enjoys golf, fishing, vegetable and water gardening, and working around the house.
If you want to get involved in serving, if you are looking for a small group or adult Bible fellowship, if you want to know more about the church or upcoming elective classes, if you’re ready for the next step in your faith journey, go on a mission trip or play a round of golf, give Steve a call or drop him an email. He would be glad to hear from you!15 16
Steve and Sherry in Tennessee
Three pound smallmouth out of Walnut Creek!
Please meet the newest members of our family!, Matthew’s wife, Diana and her daughters, Breanna and Daniela!